The following screenshots are some of the features of Virtuoso365

Control Panel

You are in Control

Virtuoso365  Control Panel gives an in-flight view of channels and associated message processing to  authorised users.  From here users can:

  • Stop and start channels
  • drill down into each message transaction and view message details.
  • Stop and start the notifier service which monitors the configurable channel notifiers that alert specified users in the event message processing interruption.
  • manage any errors

Virtuoso365 Control Panel


Channel Configuration

Channel Configuration completed in minutes

Virtuoso365  Channel configuration is a simple process. Channel routing can include Validators, Converters, and Despatchers:

virtiuso365 screenshot channel configuration

Channel Association

Users are authorised to use Channels via Channel Association

Virtuoso365  Channel association allows users to subscribe to channels. Virtuoso365 has a flexible Channel Association model. Many users can subscribe to one Channel.

Virtuoso screenshot channel notification

Reporting and Audit

Full audit logging and comprehensive reporting inbuilt

Virtuoso365  Reporting and Audit features allow comprehensive trace management and detailed reporting .


Virtuoso365 screenshot Reporting and Auditing capabilities