What is Virtuoso365

“Virtuoso365 is middleware that simplifies the integration of your systems and automates and manages data exchange processes with your customers.”

Performance Secure reliability Extensibility Connectivity
High Performance Secure Robust and Reliable Extensible Universal Connection

Virtuoso365 is a versatile b2b integration suite that has been developed to allow organisations to participate in information exchange.

  • Virtuoso365 is middleware – it sits between businesses, systems and business processes.
  • Virtuoso365 is a set of protocols, services and related technologies that give your business true B2B capability.
  • Virtuoso365 can be used to manage the integration of your internal systems
  • Virtuoso365 is lightweight and simple to install
  • Virtuoso365 has a flexible integration model. Customers can integrate with Virtuoso365 via Web (REST) Services, Dropbox, GoogleDrive or Virtuoso Client


How would I use it

Virtuoso365 has an extensive range of uses for business. Our customers are continually discovering new ways Virtuoso can be used to streamline their business processes by automating manual or complex processes. Some of these include:

Supply Chain

  • Automated ordering;
  • Automated invoicing;
  • Despatch and Receipt notification;
  • Stock reorder level notification;


  • eHealth
  • eSuper
  • Emergency Alert and Notification
  • Parking Monitor System Notification
  • Remote Device notification management

Commercial Applications

  • Integration betwwen payroll and FMIS
  • Integration with GIS

Social Media

  • Twitter and Facebook notification

Internet of Things

  • Integrates with wireless and BLE monitoring devices to capture climatic, biometric, vehicular, security and other device output



Take a look at the Virtuoso365 Overview for further product information.